Virtual Trade Expo 2022 - Virtual Booth

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Showcase your businesses products and/or services to the world with a virtual booth during our January 17th 2022 Virtual Trade Expo as well as secure a spot to sell your products and/or services within Olooja Online for the entire month of January 2022.

Our Virtual Trade Expo 2022 is a part of our open invitation to businesses in the food processing, essential commodities and services industry to feature your products and services on our platform and expand your reach globally.

We are a niche multi-vendor e-commerce platform offering collaborative trading solutions for your products and services, connecting you globally so as to expand your customer base and revenue potential.

Vendors and Suppliers are invited to register on our platform and begin extending your services, solutions and products - whether B2B, B2C or otherwise.

A virtual booth to showcase your products and/or services gives you access to our entire network for one month (January 2022) and allows you to connect with like-minds, onboard new customers, expand and scale as well as pitch your full suite of business offerings on a daily basis at all of our January events; taking place virtually and exclusively within our Consortium Group's network.

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